20 Songs with the Worst Bollywood Lyrics (Part 2)

October 11, 2020 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

Yo-Yo Honey Singh’s songs are totally bangin’ songs to dance to and will get the mood from pakao-ed to lit real quick at a party—but have you ever listened to the lyrics? It’s not exactly heart-touching or emotionally moving in any sense.

Bollywood song lyrics today have gone down the toilet. Seriously, it’s so bad we had to make a second part to the list! Check out part 1 here before you keep reading!

The songs in Bollywood flicks today are nonsensical, totally incoherent and sometimes it’s even offensive. If you thought the lyrical terrors in part 1 were bad, be warned, part 2 gets worse.

Part 2 of the worst Bollywood song lyrics ever:

11. “Johnny Johnny”

“Johnny Johnny” is a children’s rhyme that was remade with an alcoholic twist for adults in the mind-numbing comedy, “It’s Entertainment.”

Who hurt you so bad that you had to ruin everyone’s childhood, Mayur Puri? Who?

12. “Dil Dance Mare”

If you thought to ruin your childhood rhymes were bad, trust me it gets worse. In “Dil Dance Mare” from “Tashan” Vishal Dadlani basically murdered the English language. Dadlani is so much better than this, I’m actually surprised. They sing in Hindi and translate lines to English, I can’t even make it through the whole song without my ears bleeding.

13. “Phacebook Pyar”

With a title like “Phacebook Pyaar” what else could you possibly expect? I’m sure Mark Zukerberg wants nothing to do with this hot mess.

14. “Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya”

If you wished for your ears to bleed and simultaneously go blind, here is the song to do it—”Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya” from the adult comedy “Kya Super Kool Hai Hum.”

The visuals, the dancing, the lyrics, there is literally nothing to redeem this song. Why must the public be exposed to such traumatic experiences? Think of the children who are secretly watching this after their parents forbid them!

15. “Tumse Milne Ka”

I personally love Sonakshi Sinha for being the sexy diva who doesn’t look like she’s dying of anorexia—she’s a real girl with curves and attitude. Sadly, even my love for Sinha couldn’t save  “Action Jackson’s” tragically written song, “Tumse Milne Ka” from making this list.

Thanks to Shabbir Ahmed we have the lines “Tumse milne ka keeda andar hai, Dating karle tu open calendar hai—Som, mangal, buddh, guru, Shukra, shani, ravi… Aaja meri gali, aaja meri gali.”

I’m just ecstatically waiting for the day a guy uses these lines as a pickup line on me—not.

16. “Alcoholic”

“Alcoholic” from the film “The Shaukeens” is another gem from Yo-Yo Honey Singh and this number was written by Sahil Kaushal. About 75% of the song is “Haan main alcoholic hoon, haan, haan main alcoholic hoon…yes I’m a alcoholic”—somebody take this guy to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, he needs serious help, I’m not sure how much clearer he can be.

I understand that Akshay Kumar did play an alcoholic in the film, but there could have been a better way to portray this without just repeating “I’m an alcoholic” 1000 times.

17. “Chuma Chatti”

I’m sure you haven’t heard of Arshad Warsi and Soha Ali Khan’s film “Mr. Joe B. Carvallo” and you definitely haven’t heard of the song “Chuma Chatti” from the film.

I apologize in advance for exposing you to the horrors of this song, with lyrics like “I love motorcycle, I love saiyaan ji. Baith ke peechhe kas ke holding saiyaan ji. Smoking saiyaan ji, drinking saiyaan ji. Loosing control I don’t like saiyaan ji…I love saiyaan ji ki late night party, I love saiyaan ji ki late night party.”

Am I the only one who gets a migraine from the special effects of this video?

18. “Harry is not a Bhramachari”

The film “Shaadi Ke Side Effects” was actually a pretty good film, so I have no idea how the song “Harry is not a Bhramachari” became a part of this project. It is a funny song, but it’s also lyrically insane— “Atyachari.. Arey bantadhari, dharti pe ye bhoj hai bhaari. Soorat se nirdosh mahar hai naag icchadhaari, ke Harry is not a bhramchari.”

I don’t even know what all of that means? Oppressor, destroyer, innocent face but he’s a shape-shifting snake, Harry’s not celibate—what part of this translation makes sense to anyone? Please explain if you can because I’m lost.

19. “Butt Patlo”

How are you going to start a song with “luk lukh ki bangle” and my “cham chamati sandals” and end with “you got me going crazy with your Butt Patlo.”

Why? What drugs were you on when you determined this would be a good song to include in your film? Please do share this information.

20. “Fevicol Se”

The last song on this intense list of terribly written songs is none other than the popular Kareena Kapoor item song from Salman Khan’s “Dabaang” series, “Fevicol Se.”

I mean who could say no to a line like “Mere photo ko…mere photo ko seene se yaar, chipka le saiyan Fevicol se Fevicol se fevicol se Main toh kab se Haaye main toh kab se hoon ready taiyar Pata le saiyan miss call se’

Don’t forget to check out part 1 of this list for more laughs!

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