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15 Surprising Facts About “Emily in Paris”


Are you sick of this year 2022 just like 2020? Global pandemic turbulence can all make you feel as if things aren’t going to work out. Take a look at Emily in Paris if you want to regain your faith in the human race.

The show premiered on Netflix in 2020, piquing the interest of spectators, particularly Wanderlusts, for the upcoming seasons.

Yes, the show encourages viewers when Emily goes above and beyond with her work. And is keen to wow her new boss by demonstrating how thorough she is with her work.

And let’s not forget about the gorgeous boys that fell in love with her; french boys are always at the number one spot.

There are certain facts regarding this show that you may not be aware of. But believe us when we say that the facts are just as fascinating as the show. As they may surprise, delight, or sadden you.

But first, let us explain in detail the premises of the show for the newbies.

Emily In Paris Premise Is Actually Compelling

You might be concerned for Emily when she decides to uproot her life in Chicago and relocate halfway around the world to start a new profession despite knowing only ‘un petit peu’ of French.

What role will she play? How will she adjust to the new environment? Is her long-distance relationship going to work out? But don’t worry, we are treated to the simply gorgeous life that Emily falls into.

How is she going to make friends? Don’t worry, they’ll just fall into her lap; they’re all fluent in English, and some are even Americans. She doesn’t even have to look for them. Because her best friend comes up to her and sits next to her on a park bench.

What about her profession? You’d think her brazen confidence would put her off on the wrong foot.

But just for a short time before every idea she has comes to pass and her coworkers can’t get enough of her American enthusiasm.

What about the guys? Despite a devastating breakup in the first few moments of the episode, it’s fortunate that devilishly attractive men can’t help but pursue her at every opportunity.

Now that we’ve covered the summary of the show, let’s look at some facts you probably didn’t know about.

15 Compelling Facts About The Glamourous Show ‘Emily In Paris’ That Will Surprise You

Here’s the list of 15 fun facts about Emily In Paris that will surprise you.

1. Gabriel Is A Chef In Real Life Before Becoming An Actor

Lucas Bravo, 32, is a French actor and model who is currently starring in Netflix’s Emily In Paris, and when he disclosed something, spectators were even more excited to learn that their favorite actor who portrayed a chef was once a chef.

He was employed at a fusion Japanese-French restaurant. The restaurant would now feel so proud about the fact that a great actor like this worked in their restaurant for two months.

Lucas stated, “A few years ago, I was working in this bar and one of the sous-chefs left, and I told them, I don’t think I can learn anything more at the bar. Can I assist you? And he accepted. So for two months, I was basically a sous-chef and I had a blast, “the French actor explained.

2. Lily Collins Experienced Things In Real Life Like She Did On The Show

During filming, Lily (Emily) experienced a similar experience to the one depicted in the show.

It appears that the actress experienced challenges not only on camera but also in real life when she was filming for the show and resided in Paris for four months as a local.

She mentioned some troubles she was facing and how she felt like she was Emily in real life. “Things that happened to Emily also happened to me,” the British-American actress stated in an interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“I lost hot water for two weeks, my apartment didn’t have heating, my elevator stopped working, there was construction everywhere. There were these moments where I asked Darren [Star], ‘Are you guys planning this so I have more empathy for Emily?'” she continued.

3. The Producer Of The Show Speaks French Better Than Emily

Well, we’ve seen in the show that Emily is an American who doesn’t speak fluent French. But it turns out that the show’s true producer does speak fluent French, though he doesn’t confess it. This was revealed by Lucas, our hot French actor.

“His French is impeccable, but he doesn’t want to tell anybody. He’s being modest because at the wrap party, we started talking in French on his request, and he wasn’t just passable, he was fluent.”

4. The Owner Was Offended By The Show’s Joke About Lou Malnati’s Pizza

We all know Emily is goofy and charming and always misunderstands French terms. If you recall, Emily’s French boss told her in the first episode that he encountered deep-dish pizza repulsive when he tried it in Chicago.

And she responded with all her brains, saying he must have gone to ‘Lou Malnati’s.’

In real life, the owner of the restaurant seems to be really responsive about his deep-dish pizza as he stated his point of view at the joke which was made in the show about his pizza.

In a press release, the owner, Marc Manalti wrote: “We’ve been serving Chicago’s favorite Deep Dish since 1971. When Netflix’ Emily in Paris writers chose to take a shot at Chicagoans and our pizza to try to get a laugh, it felt heartless and not humorous in the midst of Covid-19.”

5. Emily In Paris Producers Also Shot A Scene In A Magnificent Monument In Paris

Garnier Opéra, Probably the most famous opera theatre in the world, is an icon of Paris like Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, or the Sacré-Coeur Basilica,’ according to the Palais Garnier.

And it turns out that when Emily in the show came to the opera to talk to Pierre Cadault. The opera shut down the monument for one night so they could film it.

And it appears that their sacrifice for shutting it down for one night was worthwhile. As the performers and crew were astonished by its beauty.

“We got to shoot all night in the Paris Opera House, which was so absurd!” Lily stated. “I’m running around the Paris Opera House in hotel slippers in this gown, just soaking in the murals, the architecture,” she said.

“Even the crew that was born in France, and some from Paris, said that they’d never experienced the city that way.”

6. Antoine Lambert Has Been Featured In One Of The Prominent Shows

William Abadie, who played Antoine Lambert in Emily in Paris, also featured in one of your favorite television shows that you watch with your girlfriends.

Only spectators of the ‘Gossip Girl’ program would recognize this actor from Emily in Paris, where he played Antoine Lambert.

This actor has made a career not just on the show ‘Gossip Girl,’ but also in a number of other movies and television series, and his fan base has grown.

In the third season of the television series Homeland, he played Alan Bernard.

He’s also renowned for his roles in films like Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), The Pink Panther (2006), and Unfaithful (2007). (2002).

7. Emily In Paris And Sex In The City Have A Few Things In Common

We don’t think we need to explain to ‘Sex And The City’ fans that the costumes of ‘Emily In Paris’ are slightly the same, as both shows have the same costume designer and the producer as well.

8. The Director Hand-picked Emily’s Bestfriend Mindy’s Name For The Show

Darren Star, the show’s director, chose the name Mindy for Emily’s faithful best friend based on his own personal experience.

Star told a news outlet that he met a girl named Mindy in Paris who served as an excellent guide for him while he was new to the city.

“It’s a little homage to her. She has an amazing spirit and was a great guide for me to everything in Paris,” the producer explained.

8. While Filming In Paris, The Cast Had A Great Time

In interviews, it was reported that the cast of Emily In Paris was a mix of French and American actors. The French taught the Americans something new, and the Americans taught the French something new.

The cast members enjoyed their stay in Paris, according to Lilly, because they used to go out during and after work to visit the fantastic restaurants and cafes there.

“We could eat at Café de Flore and have dinner, or a nearby market to pick up food,” Collins stated.

9. The Director Of The Show Relates To Emily

As this show demonstrates, when a movie or play is based on someone’s personal narrative and experience, it becomes more engaging.

Darren star was in college when he first visited Paris and his mind knew he would have to return, but his heart stayed in the city.

“I loved the city and hanging out there, so I’ve always been thinking about how to give viewers that experience and share that,” he said.

10. Lucas Bravo Relates Some Of His Experiences As A Result Of His Role In The Show

As we all know, Gabriel’s character on the show is a little lost. And it may surprise you to learn that Lucas can sense that in real life, as he revealed his personality himself.

He described how, as an actor, you’re constantly confused and questioning yourself. Lucas explained his inner struggles in the statement below.

“Obviously, as a conflicted character who himself is kind of lost, he’s looking for excitement and curiosity and I felt attracted to that because as an actor, you’re always expecting and questioning yourself. I recognize myself in that.”

11. Ashley Park Was The One Who Made Sure The Cast Had A Good Time

It’s usual that occasionally shooting might be boring, but it doesn’t seem like so to Emily In Paris actors, as they all enjoyed it a lot and especially because of Ashley, as revealed by Lucas in an interview.

“It’s always sunny when she’s around. She was basically the element that connected everybody in the cast and made it so easy,” Lucas stated in an interview.

They spent so much time together that Ashley threw a “Denim Star Party” where everyone dressed in denim, and the cops were called for a noise complaint, but they handled the situation calmly.

12. Friendships Were Formed Away From The Cameras Too

Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Samuel Arnold (Julien), and Ashley Park (Mindy) didn’t appear to be close on-screen, although they did live together for the duration of the shoot.

Ashley remarked that she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get along with people when she first came to Paris, but luckily she did make some faithful friends.

Because Ashley had spare bedrooms, the two men stayed in with her for a month or two and had a lot of fun.

13. Disney Lovers May Recognise Lily Collins

Not only did Emily In Paris make Lily famous but her role in the movie ‘Mirror Mirror’ did too. The movie is full of bizarre concepts and fun visuals and is generally a good time.

It doesn’t really do much other than aesthetics to differentiate itself from other Snow White stories, but it does at least use the ‘thief with a heart of gold’ variation.

The magic, wackiness, and actor delivery are really what makes this movie good, and with Lilly Collins, in it, it had to be a good movie.

14. Lily Collins Is A Native French Speaker

We believed Lily Collins just knew words like bonjour and merci on the show, but it turns out she knows a lot more and is an expert in it in real life.

The actress claimed that learning the language was a dream come true for her, and she is now proficient in it.

15. A ‘Dog Poop Spray’ Was Used In The Poop Stepping Scenario

The incident outside Emily’s apartment where she steps in dog poop has an interesting story. The set decorator used dog poop spray to make it look like poop, and guess what? This information was also revealed this Lucas.

“In the show, Emily steps into dog poop, and the set decorator had a dog poop spray which I didn’t know existed.”

According to Bravo, the cast had a great time spraying fake poops on each other and everywhere. “It was childish but very funny.” He continued.

What are your thoughts on this show? Is this your personal favorite? Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your ideas.

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