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Members of India’s LGBT Community Speak out in new Viral Video

In a powerful new video, several LGBT Indians speak out about about the hateful and homophobic comments they face while using social media. Produced by...
This prize wants tech to address violence against women.

This Competition Wants Tech Companies to Fight Violence Against Women

When tech entrepreneurs Anu and Naveen Jain began the Women's Safety XPrize in 2016, they had a very focused goal for the competition. Teams...
Sameer Gardezi's East of La Brea

Sameer Gardezi’s Muslim-American Digital Series ‘East of La Brea’

Screenwriter Sameer Gardezi is all set to work on his new project, digital short series "East of La Brea," which was recently greenlit by...
trupti bhula label, trupti bhula

Trupti Bhula Brings Comfort to South Asian Attire

After struggling to find a South Asian outfit that is both elegant and comfortable, Trupti Bhula decided to take it upon herself to create...
Mindy Kalins as Amita in Ocean's 8

‘Ocean’s 8’ Amplifies Mindy Kaling’s Big Screen Journey

It's only mid-June but Mindy Kaling is already having one hell of a year. Over the last several months, she gave birth to daughter...
A short story about looking at theft and "picking"

Thievery: A Story About Stealing Food, Recipes, and Anything Else not Nailed Down

By Vyasar Ganesan Suvir Saran superstitiously asserts in his cookbook American Masala that “when you give away the recipe for your family's pickles, you are giving away the...