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10 Best Easter Movies to Watch with Family and Friends

Easter Spells Out Beauty. The Rare Beauty Of Life.

Easter is around the corner. The day that everyone has been looking forward to has finally arrived. What are holidays great for? For mingling with friends and family.

We have a plethora of movies to choose from for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays, but where are the Easter movies? Oh yes, right here. The finest way to spend this day, as many of you have probably thought, is to watch movies with your family.

And we’ve got your back. Now is the time to gather your favorite foods, curl up on your couch, and get started because we have a lengthy list.

You might be able to binge-watch everything all at once, but don’t forget to get plenty of beauty sleep. Now let’s get started.

10 Best Easter Movies 

This year’s greatest gift of Easters is a bunch of Easter movies. Here’s an ideal list of multiple movies that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Easter time? It’s Peter Rabbit time. Peter Rabbit flees his human family after learning that they intend to represent him negatively in their publication. Soon after, he meets an experienced bunny who pulls him into a theft.

There is also an initial movie, which is well worth watching. When McGregor’s nephew, Thomas, moves into the family mansion, he is unhappy to discover Peter Rabbit and his sisters in his garden.

Thomas devises conspiracy after conspiracy to suppress them. You can watch them both with your younger siblings or children.

2. Hop

We can’t complete our list of the greatest Easter movies without mentioning ‘Hop,’ a 2011 movie. This is actually the ideal Easter movie for everyone to watch.

Even if you’re an adult or a teenager, you won’t get bored watching movies like these. The plot of Hoo centers around Fred, who has never considered life seriously and inadvertently injures an Easter Bunny and is compelled to accept him as a visitor.

As they strive to deal with the problem, laughter follows. It is the only Illumination film to date that mixes live-action photography and animation. That’s undoubtedly another reason to watch this marvelous animated movie.

3. Rise Of The Guardians

Another family fantasy movie that you don’t want to miss out on. When Pitch, an evil spirit, comes to planet Earth to attack children and take over the world, someone comes to the rescue.

A band of eternal guardians with remarkable skills bands together to protect the kids. Although the movie is based on Joyce’s book series, it differs from the texts in several ways.

The Guardians were inspired by Joyce’s daughter, who asked him ‘if he thought Santa Claus had ever met the Easter Bunny.’ The movie contains a homage to her, as well as a song called ‘Still Dream,’ which is performed over the end credits.

Have you found your ideal movie? We are glad.

4. The Greatest Story Ever Told

This 1965 movie is a retelling of the Biblical narrative of Jesus of Nazareth, from his birth until his ascension. It is Claude Rains’ penultimate movie role, along with the ensemble cast.

It was nominated for five Academy Awards. Three wise men (magi) travel from Asia to Jerusalem in quest of a newborn king, led by a brilliantly sparkling star.

Max Von Sydow, John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, and Shelley Winters are all outstanding in this stirring, operatic account of Jesus Christ’s life.

The movie is fairly old, but it is quite great, and you will get to know a lot from it.

5. Mary Magdalene

Another biblical storytelling movie. Mary Magdalene, a Jewish lady, becomes a devoted disciple of Jesus and stays with him despite her disagreements with Saint Peter.

She then witnesses Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. It is composer Jóhann Jóhannsson’s final movie soundtrack before his death.

Mary appears to be totally united with the other apostles in affirming the authority of the Holy Spirit flowing through her on behalf of Jesus’ followers.

6. Young Messiah

When Jesus returns from Egypt with his family to his home in Nazareth at the age of seven, he learns the truth about his existence. He understands he is the Son of God, sent by God to be humanity’s rescuer.

Although the movie was known as Christ the Lord during development, Focus Features announced on September 1, 2015, that it will now be named The Young Messiah.

“This new title better conveys how our film seeks to present a realistic portrait of Jesus as a child both grounded in faith and consistent with the adult Jesus revealed in the Bible,” Nowrasteh stated in a press statement.

7. The Dog Who Saved Easter

You must have guessed the movie’s context based on the title. This furry family comedy portrays the Bannisters as they embark on a family cruise and leave Zeus, their dog, in a doggy daycare.

Everything is going according to plan until a crosstown daycare competitor hires a pair of thugs to ruin the budding organization. Zeus must now spring into action and employ all of his tactics to save the daycare and Easter.

The film is actually quite entertaining and endearing to see. This movie will definitely make your day.

8. Risen

Clavius, a Roman military tribune, and his trusty companion Lucius investigate what happened to Jesus after his crucifixion. They discover some startling discoveries along the way.

The movie garnered mixed reviews and grossed $46 million worldwide. Risen has a lighter tone than many faith-based movies, as well as a novel perspective on the Greatest Story Ever Told and a brilliant performance from lead Joseph Fiennes.

This movie is quite inspirational and moving, and many people have expressed their appreciation for it. You’ll have to see for yourself.

9. Yogi The Easter Bear

An incredible Easter movie that is really recommended to watch. This is one of Don Messick’s final voice-over appearances; he died in 1997 after suffering a debilitating stroke 1996.

Smith, apprehensive about the event’s success, buys an Easter Bunny costume and arranges a truckload of sweets for the occasion, instructing his nearsighted guard, Mortimer, to keep an eye on the sweets truck and prevent Yogi Bear from eating any of it.

Yogi snatches the Easter Bunny costume, fools Mortimer into believing he is the genuine Easter Bunny and consumes all of the candy in the truck. Yogi The Easter Bear is most likely your new favorite bear.

10. Easter Parade

Last but not the least, Easter Parade. In this magnificent musical, Broadway great Don Hewes’ (Fred Astaire) dancing partner (Ann Miller) goes solo, and Don proclaims that he can turn the next dancer he encounters into a smash talent.

This is revealed to be the inexperienced Hannah (Judy Garland), who scoffs when Don attempts to convert her like his former partner. But, when he learns he is falling in love with Hannah, Don recognizes he must let her develop into her own type of dancer if she is to attain her complete capacity.

Easter Parade was both a critically and commercially triumph, becoming the highest-earning musical movie of 1948 and the second-highest-grossing MGM musical of the 1940s, after Meet Me in St. Louis.

So, it appears that the list has come to an end. You have a lot of options, so don’t forget to let us know which one piqued your interest and which you believe is worth viewing.

You can also share your preferences in the comments section below. And have an amazing time with your family & friends.

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