It was on October 15, 1932, that Tata Airlines — which would later become Air India — was first founded. We’re using this anniversary to dive into one of the most delightful parts of Air India’s history— its collection of beautiful advertisements from the 1950s and 60s touting the beauty of various locations around the world.

The star of these images is the airline’s cartoon Maharajah character, who quickly became iconic in his own right.

New York

Air India's New York poster

The swinging sixties are perfectly captured here with a visit to the Playboy Club in Midtown Manhattan. But instead of the club’s famous waitresses serving drinks, it’s the airline’s turbaned mustachioed Maharajah who is wearing the famous bunny uniform.


Air India's Paris poster

The Maharajah quickly embraces the City of Love by inserting himself into the middle of an intimate carriage ride.


Air India Mughal emperor

While he was quite the international traveler, the Maharajah of course also embraced the beauty of home. Here he is living it up in one of his palaces.

Air India Maharaja riding an elephant

And here he is visiting the beautiful deserts of the country’s North.


Air India Moscow poster

Our beloved royal found himself right at home among the onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral.


Air India International Desert poster

Air India and the Maharaja wants to remind you that they also fly internationally. Here’s a view of what’s presumably the Sahara Desert.

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