Indians are far more confident about the future than their American counterparts.

That’s according to a survey by Pew Global Research released on September 18. Two-thirds of Indians surveyed reported believing their children will grow up to be better off financially than they were. Those high numbers made Indians the most optimistic out of all of the countries surveyed when it came to the future.

That optimism is also in sharp contrast to how the Americans questioned felt about the economy they will leave to their children. Only 33 percent of the Americans Pew spoke to felt optimistic about the future. Canadians are even more anxious about the future, with a dismal 25 percent saying they felt optimistic.

But while Indians think they future looks bright, the same can’t be said about how they feel about the present. Pew found that a decade after the Great Recession, only 56 percent of Indians currently feel good about their country’s economy. That’s a sharp drop off from last year, when more than eight out of ten Indians said they felt positive about the economy. Pew attributes the drop to rising fuel prices and the recent fall of the rupee.

Americans on the other hand are feeling good about the current economy, with nearly two-thirds reporting being upbeat about the economic climate.


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