Flooding in Kerala
Screenshot via Twitter user @GeorgekurianINC

The Southern Indian state of Kerala continues to reel from the worst flooding it has experienced in almost a century.

According to government officials, at least 324 people have died in the flooding and almost 220,000 people have been displaced since heavy rains began in the state late last week. This is the worst flooding Kerala has experienced since 1924.

The rains and subsequent flooding has been so severe that entire villages have been washed away. While the monsoon season typically leads to very heavy rains and strong winds, the New York Times notes that Kerala is experiencing 37 percent more rainfall than it did last year.

As they follow the news of the flooding, many members of the Indian diaspora are wondering what they can do to help. The NGO Khalsa Aid has sent several teams of aid workers to assist with relief efforts. To support their work with donations, head here.

“We are facing huge challenges as more heavy rains are forecast in #Kerala and the flood waters are rising,” tweeted Khalsa Aid’s Amarpreet Singh.

According to Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, 80 of the state’s dams have opened and over 1500 relief camps are hosting displaced people. On his official Twitter account, Vijayan shared a link to a fund dedicated to supporting those affected by the flooding. The hashtag #StandWithKerala is being used both inside and outside of India to support those affected by the natural disaster.

Private companies are also using their resources to help. Uber India’s official site published a blog post about the ride sharing companies #DoForKerela campaign. Uber users in India can select the “FLOODRELIEF” option on their apps and drop of donations with an Uber driver. The company specified that they were looking for personal hygiene products (including sanitary pads) and non perishable foods in particular. The full list can be found here.

Image credit: Screenshot via video shared by Twitter user @GeorgeKurianNC.


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