“Nothing is missing. You are already whole,” reads one of the first illustrations in “Made Out of Stars,” the new journal by artist Meera Lee Patel.

“Made out of Stars” leads readers through a series of exercises aimed at helping them define what’s important to them. The journal — which hits shelves on Tuesday, September 18 — follows Patel’s previous journals “My Friend Fear” and the bestselling “Start Where You Are.”

“Feeling connected to the world begins by nurturing the connection you have with yourself,” Patel writes in the book’s introduction. “As you continue to know and understand yourself more clearly, you’ll recognize a tiny piece of yourself everywhere — in the plants, animals, and people around you, and on the darkest nights, even in the stars.”

While the questions throughout “Made Out of Stars” seem simple at first, the act of answering them while viewing Patel’s illustrations and reading the inspirational quotes throughout the book will help readers view their goals in a big picture way.


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“When we don’t make the time to take care of ourselves, it becomes impossible for our bodies, minds and hearts to remain in harmony,” writes Patel before asking a series of prompts about self-care. Readers are then asked to list three things they’ve always wanted to experience. “What is keeping you from exploring them?” is her follow up, a question that somehow manages to be gentle and pointed at the same time.

Because the approach of fall is often an introspective time, “Made Out Of Stars” is the perfect gift to either oneself or a friend who is struggling to figure things out at the moment. Because, as Patel writes, in order to succeed you have to first find your place in the world and then “let your own universe guide you.”


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