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10 Safe and Patriotic Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

Well to start with, the 4th of July also called Independence Day is a public holiday in the United States of America. Now that 4th of July is nearing along with summer, it is time to celebrate the patriotic holiday in some special ways. So, let us all get ready to celebrate the 4th of July and wave our flags in 10 safe and patriotic ways.

There are a number of ways to celebrate this special summer holiday which is no less than a festival. You can celebrate it by enjoying firework shows, music, beach outing, backyard parties filled with red, white, and blue foods. Not just these, we will share few more exciting ways to make the 4th of July more memorable for you.

Safe and Patriotic Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

Given below are 10 safe and patriotic ways for celebrating the 4th of July i.e., Independence Day.

1. Enjoy a Fireworks Show

Since 1977, America was declared independent there has been a tradition to celebrate the 4th of July by lighting off fireworks. Listening to music playing patriotic songs and watching rockets of different colors flying around is one of the best ways of a morale booster and igniting the spirits of proud Americans. There will be celebrations hosted by most communities all across America. So you can find out your nearby place by browsing through some local websites for more information.

2. Prepare Patriotic Dishes

One more safe and patriotic way to celebrate the 4th of July is by baking tasty and patriotic treats. You can prepare dishes by using the American flag colors – red, white, and blue or can use blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream as toppings on the waffles. Rice Krispie treats can be decorated by using food colors along with melted marshmallows to make them look like the American flag. Another option is to make use of a star cookie cutter and then decorate the brownies/cookies in red, white, and blue colors to make an impression of the flag. It sounds yummy and exciting too!

3. Put on a Patriotic T-Shirt

Well, this is one of the safest ways to show your patriotism for the country. Just put on a patriotic T-shirt in red, white and blue color. You can find a different range of T-shirts all around you both online as well as offline which showcases patriotic designs. So, one can find the right one as per his/her taste. Also, those who are a bit creative can go and design their own T-shirts by making use of stars, stripes, and other patriotic shapes.

4. Watch TV/Movies

Just in case you don’t want to venture outside and feel like staying at home, then you can still get that feeling of patriotism by tuning into the live broadcast of New York City fireworks. Alternatively, you can watch shows, movies, or documentaries related to American Independence day. There are a number of movies that will make you feel nostalgic like Captain America: The First Avenger, Air Force One, Independence Day, Yankee Doodle Dandy, A League of Their Own, etc.

5. Check how much you know about America

You can organize a fun quiz among your friends and family to test your knowledge of America. This will not only help in brushing your basics on American history but also add on to know the things you are not aware of. Like do you know that independence was not actually declared on the 4th of July? You can divide into teams and even plan some exciting prizes at the end of the quiz. This is one more safe and patriotic way to celebrate the 4th of July.

6. Organize a Neighborhood Bike Parade

This is another interesting way of celebration. If you want to do something different rather than just watching the traditional parades with festive floats, marching bands then you can simply organize a neighborhood bike parade wherein you can have fun with your friends too. Also, to give it a patriotic touch, you can decorate the bike with flags, streamers, and colorful balloons before you enjoy your bike parade.

7. Independence Day/American Speeches

This would be more interesting with kids. You can engage your kids too in this particular activity by making them learn some famous American speeches likeĀ  ‘Gettysburg Address’ by Abraham Lincoln or ‘Day of Infamy’ by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also, can make them understand the importance of independence.

8. Chill Out by the Pool Side

One of the best ways to celebrate the 4th of July which falls on Sunday is to sit back and relax. Prepare some mouth-watering summer drinks and snacks, if possible in different colors of red, white, and blue to give that feel of patriotism. Also, prepare a list of patriotic songs to enjoy the sunshine. At times simple things turn out to be one of the best ones.

9. Organize a Potluck

Potluck is one of the best ways to have get together for a party by having contributions from each guest akin to old school potluck. Also, this is one of the ways to celebrate cultural diversity. Plan some indoor games for the children and finish the day by lightning up few sparkles to get the feel of Independence Day.

10. Read a Book on American History

If you are one of those avid book readers then you can use this holiday to read and also teach kids about the history of America. You can pick a couple of great books from a nearby library or try on Kindle like The Marketplace of revolution by T.H. Breen and The stamp act crisis by Edmund Morgan.

Hope you liked this article regarding different ways to celebrate the 4th of July. Do let us know what you are planning to do on this day in the comments section. Stay connected to this space for more updates about your favorite topics.

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