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Tesla Recalls Over Half a Million Cars Due to Potential Safety Concerns

Tesla is reportedly rolling back over 475,000 EVs because they might be facing possible safety issues. The company has ordered two separate recalls for two models.

According to the company’s annual report, this recall amount approximately equals the total amount of global deliveries Tesla had in the year 2020.

Here is what is known about the recall so far:

Car Models That Are Being Recalled

Tesla will be recalling two of its EV models over safety concerns:

  • Tesla Model 3 Sedan
  • Tesla Model S

According to the report, the car manufacturing company will be recalling 356, 309 Model 3 cars, and 119, 009 Model S cars in total. A big sum of 200, 000 cars will be recalled from China only, according to China’s market regulator.

The Model 3 cars being recalled are the models that were manufactured between the period of 2017 and 2020.

Reason for The Recall

The reason for the recall of both models particularly revolves around defects in vehicle design and design manufacturing. Two separate recalls were filed by Tesla with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall in the Model 3 vehicles is because of defects in a cable that leads to the rearview camera of the car. Reports say that this cable could be damaged because of the opening and closing of the car’s trunk lid. This could lead to defects in the camera image displayed on the screen which could lead to accidents.

In the case of Model S cars, the defect was observed in the front trunk that is also called frunk. A filing report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration implied that some latched at the frunk were not installed properly during manufacturing of the models in the factory. These defects could lead to the front of the hood randomly opening up while driving that could obstruct the view of the driver and cause severe accidents.

Right a week before this recall, Tesla also announced that they will be disabling the “Passenger Play” feature which allowed the passengers as well as the driver to play video games on the touch screen in the center of the car.

The company disabled the feature after NHTSA claimed that they will be launching an investigation based on the concern if the feature could distract the driver and cause a mishap on the road.

Tesla is non-arguably one of the world’s biggest giants when it comes to manufacturing EVs. But incidents like these are causing questions to generate if the company is neglecting the quality checks of the cars in order to ramp up the speed of manufacturing.

According to reports, Tesla also claimed that they have had no reports of crashes, injuries, or deaths occurring related to the recent faults. Well, that’s certainly a relief!



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