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Tesla Model Y: Performance, Safety, Features and Price

Tesla Model Y has quickly become a flagship product and the most successful car for Tesla, alongside the Model 3, S, and X. The Model Y is ranked in the top 10 most satisfying cars in the Market according to the American Non-profit Customer Survey.

Here is the list of best features of the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Performance and Range

Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV with seating for seven people with an optional third row of seats. It also has the most extended range of over 330 miles with the standard 19-inch wheel size variant on a single charge, making it a preferred Electric SUV for long-distance travel.

The range drops for the more attractive 21-inch wheel size model. Powering the Model Y is the Dual Motor, which is an independent and digitally controlled Torque for front and Rear wheels.

The All-Wheel drive model Y is the quickest accelerating Tesla, with 0 to 60 mph* in under 3.5 seconds. The top speed of the Model Y is 155 mph. It has superior traction control capable in rain, mud, snow, and off-road.

Further, the controlled Torque aids in better handling and Improves stability control. The max power is 434 BHP/ 324 kW, and the Torque is 510 Nm which is good compared to the other electric cars.

The Model Y is totally electric, and the long-range performance motor comes with an estimated total capacity of 82 kWh. The usable capacity is around 75 kWh.

The estimated range is the longest compared to other Tesla models which is more than 300 miles. 15Mins of supercharging can give a range of 115 miles. With 30000+ superchargers, Tesla also increases its supercharging stations worldwide, with six new locations opening every week.

Safety & Features

The Tesla Model Y is designed for Safety. The Model Y has achieved a 5-Star NHTSA rating in every category and sub-category, making it the safest car. Model Y was awarded the Top Safety Pick+ award.

The frame of the car is structurally rigid with front Impact protection. Further adding to the Safety includes emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, 360-degree surround cameras, and collision warning.

On the features front, Model Y will have full Self Driving capabilities, which help in autonomous driving in the city streets and Highways post pending regulatory approvals. The other features include 360 degrees rear, front, and side-facing cameras providing maximum visibility—powerful Visual processing at up to 250 m of range. The Model Y comes with 12 ultrasonic sensors to detect any nearby cars to prevent potential collision and parking assistance.

The infotainment system is a 15inch screen that is voice-assisted and can be updated over the air. Apart from built-in navigation, it also has Bluetooth, 14 speakers, Voice commands, etc. It is expected that the future2022 Model s will get a revised chipset from AMD Ryzen, replacing the current Intel-based one.

The interiors of the model Y have an SUV-inspired elevated seating position with a lower dash which helps in a commanding view of the road ahead. The 15-inch touch-enabled infotainment system is impressive with over-the-air software updates, and the immersive surround sound systems overall aids to the experience.

The crossover SUV gets a glass roof that adds up extra headroom and UV protection with a seamless view of the sky.

On the space front, the Model Y gets both front and rear cargo space, with the front being 117L which is under the hood, and the rear boot space being 854L, which is massive and further, can be extended by folding the rear seats.

Also, Tesla managed to level the boot floor lower for easy loading and unloading. Adding to this is the power tailgate, which opens and closes with a button push, however, misses out on the hands-free kick open tailgate compared to rivals.

Exteriors, Price & Buying Experience

The Model Y exterior looks like a stretched version of Model 3 with a sloping rear. The SUV has a distinct coupe-like shape and muscular lines, distinguishing this from other models. While the Model Y shares more than 70 percent of its parts from the Model 3, the other 30 percent is unique to the SUV.

The wheel size starts at 19 inches and goes up to 21 for the performance model. Starting Price of the Model Y is $59000* and goes upwards around $69000* for the range-topping model. Like the Model 3, the Model Y gets all-around cameras for a 360-degree view.

There are a total of eight cameras which aids in the use of autopilot mode. The cameras also help record video when the car senses a loud noise or movement which can be used for any surveillance.

Buying a Tesla is much simpler than buying an iPhone; you log in to the Tesla website, figure out the color based on your preference, spec it out with the limited options and then place your order on the site.

Unlike the traditional approach of visiting a dealership, taking a test ride, seeking discounts, etc. Buying this way, you cut out the dealership expenses, which adds to the overall savings of owning a fully electric car.

On the charging side, Tesla Model Y takes 36 hours with a conventional Home 3-pin Plug. With a 3.6Kw outlet, the overall charging time is 22 hours; with 7Kw (Home/Work/ Public locations), the car charges within 12 hours, and finally, 22Kw (Work/ Public locations), the car charges within 8 hours.

The Model Y can be charged with a Type 2 connector at home, work, or at a public charging point. For rapid charging, there is also a CCS connector. Also, Model Y can be charged over Tesla’s Supercharging stations with an outstanding 75 kW Supercharger which can charge the car in a few hours.

If you are looking for an overall stylish crossover SUV that is not only sporty and comfortable, then the Tesla Model Y is the one that combines the best performance, long-range, Top speed, Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Powertrain, increased cargo space of 68 cubic feet, eight-year/120,000-miles warranty and finally, there is a seven seating with a third-row seat which is unique to the Model Y which makes it stand apart from rest of the Tesla Models.



  1. So disappointing. No mention about the improved motors and battery pack. One piece rear end, front? Quick turning steering and radius. Headlights and taillights? How far can the front seats recline? How big a piece of wood will fit in the back? If taken on a long trip, how long will each recharge stop take?
    What color options? More on the way like in Germany?


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