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Baked Aloo Samosa for you and Bae this Valentine’s Day

Looking for an easy and even healthier spin on a classic? Enter baked aloo samosa. There is no deep frying necessary to yield the perfect samosa. What's more, using store-bought pie crust reduces prep...

Masala Cupcakes With Spiced Frosting Because, why not?

Some weeks you adult so hard you need a cupcake...or twelve. These cupcakes conjure the same, soothing, warming notes as chai with a batter chock full of all the same masala you would find in your...

Super Bowl Sunday’s Most Valuable Recipe: Butter Chicken Monkey Bread

Sunday, February 4, 2021 marks the 52nd Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles up against the New England Patriots! Who'll win is yet to be determined but this recipe has championed many a Super Bowl...

How to use Cauliflower Rice to Make a Significantly Less Carby Vegetable Pulao

Cauliflower rice is no longer a new phenomena. It has taken over the internet now for the last couple of years, with recipes coming out for everything from cauliflower-based pizza crust, makeshift tortillas, a...

6 Easy Steps to Making a Bollywood Blockbuster

1. "Remake" a B-Grade Rom-Com 2. "Khan" a Hero - "Khan" a Villain 3. Get that "MISS" 4. Smell Success 5. Add Misogynistic "Masala" Ingredients 6. Also Add Release Date Magic

How to Wear a Samosa

Whiskey and samosa go together. Whiskey plus learning samosa folding and sari draping, on the same damn night, AND with good friend Jack? Notsomuch. The comic below is based on true events. I know Jack Daniel's...