Lakshmi Gandhi

Author Naben Ruthnum

Naben Ruthnum Chats About Thrillers, South Asian Stories and his Novel “Find You in...

Martin Reese, the main character of the new thriller “Find You In The Dark,” has a secret. He likes to secretly purchase police files and then does his own independent investigations into serial killers.Written...
AAWW's "This is Not the Dawn: Poetry of Partition"

Remembering the Pain of Partition Through Poetry

A group of poets of South Asian descent came together to mark the 71st anniversary of partition through their art.This week, which also marked the 71th anniversary of India and Pakistan’s independence from Britain,...
Bohemia the Pakistani rapper

The Rapper Bohemia Will Soon be Making his Acting Debut

The Pakistani-American rapper Bohemia is venturing into the world of acting., whose real name is Roger David, announced on Twitter that he will be joining the cast of the new web series “Dual Arrangement.”...
Marks and Spencer Indian food

Is the U.K. Chain Marks and Spencer Appropriating Indian Food?

For years, the iconic retailer Marks and Spencer has been selling its own spin of Indian cuisine in its stores and in supermarkets across the United Kingdom. But some South Asian food writers have...
CorningWare's Cornflower dishes

You can now Once Again Serve Your Aloo in These Classic Dishes

They were once a staple in households — immigrant and otherwise — across the United States. Now CorningWare is reviving its cornflower pattern, which means that you’ll be able to serve your favorite aloo...
The poet Ruby Dhal

Poet Ruby Dhal Explores Love and Loss in ‘A Handful of Stars’

In Ruby Dhal's upcoming poetry collection "A Handful of Stars," she delves into the meaning of true love and what it is like to deal with the loss of the same. Since she began...
Ikea comes to India

India’s new IKEA has Literally Stopped Traffic

India’s first-ever IKEA store opened its doors this week, an event that has garnered widespread media attention and attracted crowds so large that traffic was at a standstill around the new Hyderabad location.Hyderabad’s new...
Indian American charitable giving

Indian Americans Donate $1 Billion Annually

Indian-Americans continue to be one of the leading minority groups that donate to charity in the United States, donating $1 billion a year according to a new report.A survey by Georgetown University’s Indiaspora Philanthropy...
pakistan plans to plant billions of trees

Pakistan Wants to Plant 10 Billion Trees to Combat Global Warming

Like much of the rest of South Asia, Pakistan is uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. To help combat rising temperatures and an increasing number of heat waves, the new incoming government...
Rasam is a classic superfood

Why Rasam and Sambar are the Ultimate Superfoods

Rasam and sambar have long been considered the perfect compliment to almost every South Indian dish. Now, celebrity chefs and nutritionists are saying that in many ways, rasam is the perfect superfood.Celebrity nutritionist Luke...