Lakshmi Gandhi

Multigenerational family novels

We’re Diving Into These Multigenerational Novels by South Asian Writers

Family, tradition and responsibility have always been major themes in South Asian culture. It is no wonder then that novelists have long been drawn to creating stories about families that span generations.With the award-winning...
One Indian man says he's addicted to Netflix

‘Netflix Addiction’ Surges in India as Streaming Becomes More Popular

Doctors in India say they are beginning to see patients seeking treatment for what they are calling ‘Netflix addiction.’CNN reports that a 26-year-old man from Bangalore recently checked himself into an addiction center after...
Bad advice from Dear Abby

It’s 2018 and ‘Dear Abby’ Thinks Indian Baby Names Should be Avoided

Since 1956, newspaper readers around the country have been regularly reading the “Dear Abby” advice column for guidance on life’s troubles. While the United States has changed dramatically since the column’s founding, a recent...
Pride and Prejudice 1995

Why South Asian Authors Continue to be Inspired by Jane Austen

Stories about family conflicts and social class have always been popular themes for South Asian authors.  It's no wonder then that Jane Austen and her novels continue to inspire many authors throughout the South Asian...
The Kindergarten Teacher with Maggie Gyllenhaal

Netflix’s “The Kindergarten Teacher” Never Talks About Race. It Should.

"The Kindergarten Teacher" — the dark new Netflix drama starring Maggie Gyllenhaal — is about disenchanted teacher Lisa and her growing obsession with her student Jimmy Roy, who she believes is a poetry prodigy.While the...
SouthAsianArtists Twitter hashtag

Our Favorite Images from the #SouthAsianArtists Hashtag

If you were scrolling through Twitter this weekend, you probably noticed the images of amazing art being shared through the #SouthAsianArtists hashtag.The founders of the hashtag say they organized the weekend long event in...
Vintage Air India Posters

These Vintage Air India Posters are Iconic

It was on October 15, 1932, that Tata Airlines — which would later become Air India — was first founded. We’re using this anniversary to dive into one of the most delightful parts of...
Middle grade novels

Four Middle-Grade Novels by South Asian Authors to add to Your Shelf

One of the more pleasant and most needed changes in the publishing world in recent years has been the uptick of middle grade novels featuring South Asian characters. From a “Jumanji”-style adventure novel to...
Indian women entrepreneurs

Where are India’s Female Tech Entrepreneurs?

India may have transformed itself into a tech hub over the last three decades, but there’s still one thing that’s glaringly absent: women founders and tech entrepreneurs.A new piece by CNN Business notes that only...
A scene from "The Other Love Story"

Four LGBTQ Web Series to Check out for National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day! Every year since 1988, Americans across the country celebrate the power of coming out as a member of the LGBT community on October 11.While India’s Supreme Court recently overturned...