7 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Listen up Moms-to-be, here's what you need to know about prenatal yoga!

7 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a healthy way for you to stay focused, improve balance and tone your muscles. It's also a great way to stay connected with yourself, de-stress, and find spiritual balance. The benefits regarding yoga are well known, but did you know practicing yoga during pregnancy can improve not only your health, but also your connection to your baby and help you prepare for labor?

Prenatal yoga great way to get in your daily workout during pregnancy. The stretches help you open up your hip muscles and prepare for the strenuous hours of labor. However it is best to take on yoga with a professional in a class setting as there are certain poses that are not recommended for mothers-to-be—safety first ladies!


Check out these seven reasons why more expecting moms should take up prenatal yoga classes.

1. Strengthens Muscles you Need

Yoga poses tend to strengthen your hips, back, arms and shoulders—all muscle groups that gets strained the most during pregnancy. Toning these muscles allow you to build up more support for that growing baby of yours. Besides developing a strong support for the baby, yoga poses like lunges and gentle back-bends can also help reduce the aches and pains that commonly occur during pregnancy. It helps increase stamina as well as strength and increases blood circulation which in turn decreases swelling in the body.


2. Teaches you to Focus on Breathing

Focusing on your breathing is a lot harder than you would think. Yoga helps you clear your mind and focus. The breath-work involved in yoga is a great skill you can apply during contractions when you are in labor. Lamaze classes use the same concept to help moms to stay calm. When you focus on your breathing it helps to regulate your heart rate and blood pressure keeping you in relaxation mode.


3. Connects you to Your Baby

Just because you are physically connected to your baby doesn’t mean you’re “connected.” Yoga helps you take a break, breathe and focus on what is happening within you. Certain poses help you really feel closer to your baby and you can feel like you’re hugging your child already. Prenatal Yoga helps build up this beautiful relationship that will change your life forever. 


4. It Reduces Anxiety and Helps Preps for Labor

There is a lot of stress involving childbirth and yoga definitely helps you relax the anxiety in your mind. The workout relieves the tension you have in your body as well as your mind. The poses also prep your body physically for labor teaching you how to open up the hips, focus on breath-work, build stamina, and to relax the body.  


5. You get to Meet Like-Minded Moms in Class

Prenatal yoga classes are a great way to find some social support from mommies like you! You can connect with other expecting mothers and share in the ups and downs of pregnancy together. It’s a great place to exchange ideas and find some moral support from like-minded mothers-to-be.


6. Teaches you Balance

Yoga helps your body balance emotionally, spiritually and physically. With the extra weight on your body simple tasks can become difficult as you have to essentially re-train your body on how to move.


Yoga workouts help you find your balance with every pose. It also helps you balance on an emotional and spiritual level because it is a peaceful time from our busy work day.

7. Healthier pregnancy

We already know the many benefits of working out during pregnancy, but yoga specifically has a positive correlation with a healthier pregnancy. In a 2005 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers in India found lower risks of preterm labor and low-birth weight babies among 335 expecting mothers who practiced an hour of yoga a day when compared to expecting mothers who walked for 30 minutes twice a day. Stay healthy during your pregnancy and try prenatal yoga!

Nila Choudhury

New York born and raised, Nila Choudhury (aka the encyclopedia of useless Bollywood knowledge) is avoiding rishta aunties by obtaining her doctoral degree in clinical psychology.