13 Ways to Re-Purpose a Sari

We bring you 13 ways to give life to that old sari again!

13 Ways to Re-Purpose a Sari

Saris are beautiful and while they are coming back in fashion, sometimes it's time to let it go. But don't worry, there are so many ways you can re-purpose your sari that you'll forget you retired it from your wardrobe.

1. Pillowcases

sari pillowcases

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Saris vary in length, so you can make anywhere from 2-4 pillow cases. If you have a sewing machine that's great, if not, you can sew a pillow together by hand. The easiest pattern to work with is a square, pick up some cotton from your local art store and once you're ready to sew up that pillow, make sure you have three sides sewn, insert the cotton, sew up the fourth side and there's your pillow! They make great gifts for birthdays and as a housewarming present.

2. Lamp Covers

If you're going for mood lighting for a party, cut a sqfuare about a foot and a half length and width wise. Throw it over a lamp and you'll get some really cool lighting options. Alternatively, you can spruce up a dull lampshade by sewing some sari material over the shade. You'll take the boring right out of your house and bring a modern look and vibrant feel right in!

3. Skirts

sari skirt

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Saris make beautiful skirts that are so unique! No one is going to have your style and people are going to want to know where you got your clothes! Sari skirts are much easier to wear this way and aren't as heavy. You can layer different prints to make a funky wrap skirt.

4. Crop tops

This is an east meets west fix to your sari problems! You've already seen the super cute blouses that accompany saris, so why not use your sari to make crop tops or blouses? You can throw on a pair of nice jeans and you'll have a going out outfit already!

6. Bedspread

sari bedspread

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Who doesn't love a fancy bedspread? There's nothing quite like a beautiful bedcover that wows when you walk into a room. Be sure to measure your bed before you cut the material, but you can just have a thin cover that goes on top of your comforter. It can also hide an unsightly comforter.

5. Sachet bags

If you ever want to give a gift, you can use a small section of a sari to create a cute sachet bag. This bag can use to give earrings, necklaces, herbs, spices, and even bangles. If you are at a wedding you can tie portioned out rice in small bags that guests can open and throw when the time is right.

7. Cushions

sari cushions

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A couch can go from drab to totally fab by making amazing cushion covers. Saris will allow you to have multiple cushions and you can decide how many couch cushions work on the couch and how many you should store for when company comes over.

8. Cell phone holder

Saris make really cute cell phone holders. If you have a big purse, you know how hard it can be to find your phone inside your bag. With a cell phone holder, you no longer have to worry about where that phone is going to be. You can also store keys inside of your bag if you make it big enough.

9. Scrapbook Covers

book covers

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You can use saris to decorate a scrapbook or even pages inside the scrapbook. These make great gifts for someone who likes to craft, or if you're making a scrapbook as a present, this will make the gift pop.

10. Deity Placemat

If you have a shrine or temple at home, cut a square cloth from the sari and place God on top of the material. Your shrine will look snazzy and God has a beautiful place to sit.

11. Scarves

repurposing a sari into a scarf

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Saris make fashionable scarves. You can choose your length but they look amazing when you pair the right color with your outfit you can even sew together the ends to make an infinity scarf.

12. Kameez time

Saris make amazing salwar kameez outfits. They are also great as choli ghagra and in general super cute western tops and dresses. You can still stand out with Eastern clothing, but while having it made with a Western flare.

13. Reusable Bags

reuseable sari bag

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Shopping is way more fun when you have a cute homemade bag to take with you! Any of the reusable bags you see floating around can be a base for covering the material with a sari! You can make a shopping bag or a messenger bag or any style of purse you choose for an added unique touch to any outfit.