11 Apps Helping You Find Love

These apps are willing to play Cupid if you're willing.

11 Apps Helping You Find Love

The latest worldwide census revealed that 17 percent of the world's population is Indian, and its population living abroad is the largest in the world. That's a whole lot of Indian people potentially looking for love! There's no question that in today's age, dating apps have made other strategies of meeting significant others almost obsolete. Dating apps can be tricky because a lot of users have different intentions—some just want to casually hang out while others are on the prowl for the love of their life. So how do you sort through the mess of these Indian dating apps to figure out which one is right for you? Here is a list of the eleven most popular Indian dating apps for anyone looking for the right app to meet the right one!

1. Dil Mil
Dil Mil's founder Khaji Daliwal created the app when he felt like other major dating apps weren't inclusive of the needs of the Southeast Asian community. This app helps Indians meet other Indians and other Southeast Asians who are looking for serious relationships. Matches are sent to you based on your profile preferences and the app is seeing world-wide popularity. 

2. Kama App
This app markets itself as the perfect in between of apps that are too liberal, like Tinder, and too conservative, like Shaadi.com. While it leans liberal, it is definitely not intended for those just looking for a hookup, as its creators spent a great deal of time designing the app to incorporate discovery filters and communication tools in order to attract higher quality users and to allow them full control over their search preferences. It has so far seen the most popularity in the U.S. but is rapidly growing. 

3. Thrill
The premise of this dating app is to put women in control. They make this clear with their strong tagline against misogyny- "women in control; men, make the cut." Women are free to join anytime at their leisure, but men actually have to apply to join and the female user base gets to vote them in or out. They also have to link their profile to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn in order to verify their identity. This app has seen a lot of positive response in India and is great for any woman who doesn't want to worry about matching with a bad egg. 

4. Desi Crush
Desi Crush's platform is very similar to Tinder's, as it operates on a mutual "liking" system to connect Indian people. The app definitely seems to be geared to those more in search of casual dating or hookups, as the sign up is free and it only requires a few photos. Also similar to Tinder, Desi Crush offers a premium subscription that allows you to exchange unlimited emails and see who's peeking your profile. Currently, this app is seeing the mostly seeing popularity in India. 

5. Compatible Partners
A popular niche site, Compatible Partners is a dating app for gay and lesbian Indian singles. This app has a very professional tone and layout, and it is geared towards singles who are searching for life-long love. Its sister site is eHarmony, so it utilizes the same detailed matching algorithm yet takes into account the unique characteristics of gay relationships. Although you can review your matches with no obligation to join, there is a joining fee if you want to communicate. 

6. Naseeb
This dating app caters to the global and millennial youth. Its founder looked to create a blend of Tinder and Shaadi.com that enables users to filter their search according to whether they are looking for a marital prospect or just a hookup. It is also inclusive of the LGBT community. The app founder promises to always keep the basic features free for all users. It is great for anyone who wants to stay connected to their desi roots but is in need of a fresh change in their dating approach. 

7. Desi Kiss
This site's goal is to encourage users to really get to know someone before committing to a date by allowing them to answer over 100 questions in order to complete their profile. They are very sympathetic to those who have privacy concerns, and therefore do not require that members post a picture in order to join. It is seeing popularity in India and is good for those who are just entering the dating scene as well as those looking for a serious commitment. 

8. Desi Dating Service
This site focuses on connecting Indians who are passionate about their culture and either want to meet other Indians with equal passion or non-Indians who are interested and open to learning about it. The site actually highly encourages people of non-Indian descent to join in order to cater to those seeking cultural diversity in their relationships. The site is mainly used for those seeking a casual approach to dating but many on there are open to the possibility of a serious relationship as well. 

9. IndianDating
This site allows Indians to connect based on shared common interests. You can add interests to your profile and then browse other people's profiles who also share similar interests. It is a low-key site geared towards those who are seeking friendships that could turn into dating. This site has garnered attention from users across the globe but mainly from those in Western societies. 

10. IndianCupid
IndianCupid seeks to match non-resident Indian singles in the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as other locations around the globe. The site allows users to search for their perfect match both locally and internationally, as there are no proximity restrictions. It's free to join  and thousands of members use this site in hopes of finding their marital partner. 

11. Jeevansathi
This is the one app on our list that seems mostly geared towards people meeting in the traditional Indian sense, as it allows families to create profiles to match their sons or daughters in hopes of finding marital partners. However, singles also have the option of registering solo and connecting with people in a way that is more in accordance with their own personal style of dating. This app is intended for those seeking serious partners for marriage but also allows users to take a casual approach to dating by sending quick messages to potential interests. 

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