10 Dishes That Look Sexier with A Fried Egg On Top

A fried egg gives otherwise ordinary dishes sex appeal.

10 Dishes That Look Sexier with A Fried Egg On Top

Fried eggs are like a push-up bra for otherwise lackluster dishes. They automatically add an oomph factor.

Perched on top of dish ever so so that the yolk can be punctured and ooze over the dish it sits on is akin to a culinary orgasm. Indian foods should be no exception to bedding a fried egg, though you don't see it as much on desi restaurant menus as you do American ones. 

Check out our list of Indian dishes with a fried egg on top with accompanying recipes. Think we're jumping ahead and you need to first learn how to make the perfect fried egg? We got you. Click here for a tutorial before moving on to all sexiness!

1. Squash Daal


Jamie Oliver breaks down this recipe. Get it here

2. Spicy Lamb Keema Pau


Keema, a toasted bun, and a fried egg?! I reckon this would be the perfect hangover cure? Get the recipe here.

3. Dosa

A well-made dosa is already the epitome of perfection. Pop a well made fried egg on top and perfect perfection. Find out how here. 

4. Potatoes

Potato and eggs are a classic marriage. But masala it up as this recipe does and you'll infuse this marriage with excitement. Learn how here. 

5. Vada

An egg on top morphs this vada into a va-va-va-da. Get the recipe here. 

6. Paratha

Simple and good. This is a helluva combination. Read about it here

7. Cheesy Toast 

Here is a twist on the classic Kejriwal. This is a perfect brunch dish. Get the deets here

8. Rice

Spiced jasmine rice with an egg on top is comfort in a bowl. Get comfy here

9. Garlicky Oats

This isn't your typical breakfast combo perhaps but that doesn't mean its not delicious. Venture out of the norm. Click here to learn how to whip up this dish. 


10. Open Face Chutney Sandwich 

Avocado toast with garlicky herb chutney--good. All that and a beautifully fried sunny side up on top? Fucking ridiculously good! Get yours, click here

Soni Singh

As a recipe developer in her days before The Teal Mango, Soni remains devoted to food, particularly Indian food, and more specifically, pav bhaji and chaat.