Tia Bhuva is at it again with her whimsical take on how to wear a saree! Bhuva is an entrepreneur and Instagram powerhouse with 85.9K followers and counting. She has a namesake online shop Tia Bhuva.

Bhuva’s shop sells collections of skirts, silhouettes, and blouse styles that help one recreate Bhuva’s signature look of draping her saree as a ball gown or the opposite, in a super sleek, silhouette-hugging way. Both styles rely on unique petticoats and cancan skirts, the hallmark of Bhuva’s look.

Image courtesy Tiabhuva.com
Image courtesy Tiabhuva.com

Bhuva has made it her business to display the versatility of how to drape, pleat, and fan a saree, reimagining the traditional garb with a creativity not before seen.

Earlier this morning, the sari Queen dropped a collection of Disney princess-inspired looks that already has Instagrammers taking notice, asking Bhuva to provide video tutorials to recreate the looks.

We couldn’t agree more. A few suggestions for Bhuva: we think Ariel’s look should be redone in the signature silhouette style, which, by design, looks mermaidish to begin with. Add Tiana (with the cancan look) and Pocahontas (in silhouette) to the mix and bring on the drape videos!

Tia Bhuva’s Disney Princess Series