How you can Blog Your way Through India on Luxury Trains

January 3, 2018 Chhaya Néné

Travel writers, bloggers, and travel enthusiasts, there’s a golden opportunity waiting for you. It involves visiting palaces, forts, caves, and so much more in a land that’s rich in culture, history, and tradition. It’s an opportunity that requires you to experience it with all five senses and if you give in, you’re in, can be life-altering.

It’s a campaign brought to you by Incredible India! Before we go further, we want to add we’re not being paid to endorse this application process. We just wanted to share this incredible and life-changing opportunity with our digital fam.  The application process closes in less than 48 hours so we recommend you haul fast and apply asap. 

What is Incredible India?

Incredible India is an extremely effective tourism campaign. You’ve probably seen the billboards at airports, campaigns on social media, or even posters on buses for Incredible India. 

Incredible India was created in 2002 to entice more people to come to visit and travel within the diverse country. V Sunil (a creative director at Ogilvy and Mather at the time) and Amitabh Kant (the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism) were the minds behind the campaign, which saw a 16% increase in tourism in that first year.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: this is great for India’s tourism but what does all this have to do with you potentially having access to a life-changing experience? We’re getting there, young Grasshoppa.

Where do you come in?

Their latest campaign is offering the chance of a lifetime to 60 bloggers around the world. You will travel and write about your experiences, all while staying on a luxury train. We have no doubt that it will be magical, especially because you will see so many different places within your assigned area.

Give your travel dreams a touch of royalty. Experience the splendour of India’s culture and heritage aboard one of the four luxury trains. Hurry up and register now! —Link in bio— #IndiaBlogTrain #IncredibleIndia

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Why this is incredibly cool 

  • Sixty bloggers of all nationalities will be invited to explore India via four luxury trains
  • Bloggers will travel 15 per car for eight days and you’ll see India’s finest historical destinations
  • There are a million stories to tell, why not tell them seeing a place that’s rich with culture, history, flavorful food and so much more

Some dreams travel on royal wheels. If you are an avid blogger, here’s the right chance for you! Get set for an incredible journey on one of India’s four luxury trains and discover the country like never before. Register now! —-Link in bio—- #TGIBT #IndiaBlogTrain #India #travel #IncredibleIndia

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Salivating to apply yet?

A few things you need to know 

  • One entry per person is allowed.
  • You need to complete an entry form that is submitted to a judging community. If selected, you get sent to a second round. Applicants who are sent to the second round have to submit a two-minute intro video with a 50-100 word write up on why you would want to visit India
  • By registering you accept that you need to meet all the travel requirements before you take The Great Indian Blog Train Journey
  • All travel related expenses from flight, meals, and tours will be paid for via the Ministry of Tourism
  • Bloggers will be responsible for travel and medical insurance as well as their visa fee

Important dates to keep in mind

  • January 5th Registration Closes
  • January 7th Publishing the selection list
  • February 7th Journey Begins

What’s expected of you

  • Bloggers will be expected to document their experiences throughout the entire trip. You are also expected to initiate conversations about India and The Great Indian Blog Train online and with people you meet.
  • All social media needs to include the hashtag #IndiaBlogTrain and #IncredibleIndia.
  • Blog posts should avoid religious and political topics. They will also need to avoid topics that are considered “offensive or at odds with the cultural and social norms and laws of India.”
  • Your blog posts are given to the Ministry of Tourism to use without restriction to be used for any medium, in house, promotional purposes, etc. Basically, they own your work and use it in any way they please. Your usage rights are surrendered upon entry to the competition. You will have a byline when your work is used but you will not get paid for your work.

Any entry that is rude, unlawful, discriminatory, or sexually explicit is not accepted. You also cannot send any promotional materials, advertising, or endorsements.

This is perhaps the one time we request you stop reading our content and get to applying! Registration is less than two days away. Just think, you could apply today, be chosen, and be traveling as soon as next month. Not a shabby way to begin 2018, is it?

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