9 Ayurvedic Principles to Help You Lead to a Balanced Life

September 21, 2017 Saloni Gajjar     saloni_g

Rooted in India’s Vedic culture, Ayurveda is a practice being followed all over the world today. It’s holistic approach to life goes hand in hand with modern life. However, to most people, Ayurveda is nothing but old-school remedies that do no good today. We’re here for a big reality check: that’s not true. Like, at all.

In fact, applying the multi-faceted principles of Ayurveda to your daily life has an incredible amount of benefits. From your mental health to physical fitness, these Ayurvedic principles will most definitely help you lead a better life.

1. Know your dosha

No, dosha  isn’t some weird sorcery word. It’s a mind-body type that all individuals have. It’s categorized in three types: Vata (wind), Pita (fire), and Kapha (Earth). They’re all a type of energy each of us carry, thus shaping our mind and body. The three doshas have certain traits and characteristics.

2. Foster that same dosha

Consuming foods and participating in activities associated with a certain element will create balance. People with dominant Kapha doshas should avoid eating heavy, sticky or fatty foods. Pita energies already possess fire, so eating heat-producing foods only creates unnecessary heat. Use this principle to correct any imbalances in the body.

3. Give that number two your number one attention

This may sound kinda whack but track your bowel movements. Really. It helps you understand how you’re reacting to certain foods and in turn, which foods you should avoid to maintain your health.

4. Include the six senses in your meals

Indian food allows for all six senses to partake at mealtime, just another awesome reason to stuff yourself with it. Plus, Indian food is often eaten with hands traditionally, which actually is a good example of harmony and balance. Similarly, yogurt is eaten with spicy foods to, you guessed it, maintaining that balance of your doshas. 

5. Show your food some good lovin’

Ayurveda is based on energies. It should come as no surprise that its principles follow the idea that what you give is what you get. Preparing a meal with love and gratitude translates as most beneficial to your body. Notice that the next few times you cook!

6. Yoga really is the holy grail

It’s true, y’all. That yoga class you’ve been avoiding all your life is actually what’s going to help you the most. Originating in India, the practice of Yoga has become a global phenomenon and for a damn good reason. The poses involve all the vital organs of the body and give them exercise while also centering the mind. It’s time to make use of those gym pants!

7. Don’t underestimate herbal remedies

For centuries now, Ayurveda is mostly known for the creative uses of herbs and plants. Homemade and herbal remedies are sometimes better than allopathic medicines because the latter comes packed with side effects. Ginger root, turmeric, honey, clove buds, tea tree root, and so many more natural products are sometimes the best cure.

8. Participate in Panchakarma

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic cleanse meant to eliminate toxins and negative energies from the body. Lots of yoga retreats and spas have a panchkarma program, not only in India but even in the United States. The all-inclusive and natural treatment consists a healthy balance of diet, exercises, ayurvedic oils and more.

9. Listen to your body

This is probably the most vital Ayurvedic principle because your body has a self-healing mechanism. It send your signals when it’s out of balance. If you’re stressed and sluggish and slow some days, it’s okay, listen to the signs and take a break. If you’re over-excited and hyper and ready to take the world, amazing! Don’t wait. It’s like observing when you’re hungry or thirsty, sad and angry, or even just feeling hot and cold. It’s just that natural to be mindful.

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