Sexting has become such a large part of the dating culture today as a form of digital foreplay but are you ready to take that plunge?

Before you hit send on that sexy topless shot on SnapChat, the first thing you need to do is check yourself.

Make sure you have your shit together because you need to be sure you’re ready to jump into the deep end of the sexy pool. You also need to be conscious of your actions, aware of the risks and keep yourself safe. Want to know how if you’re ready? Here’s our checklist of questions you need to ask yourself before you get started:


1. Are we old Enough?

It’s illegal to sext people below the age of 18 as it now falls into the category of child pornography, thus you could not only go to jail, but also potentially become a registered sex-offender. Sext safely peeps.

2. What Does Your gut Feeling say?

A good rule of thumb is if you don’t get a good feeling about it, you shouldn’t do it. Trust your instincts, it might not be for you, or good for the relationship.

3. Is he going to be okay with me bringing out my inner sex-crazed porn star? Will this likely be reciprocated?

Don’t sext someone that won’t reciprocate the feeling, no one likes to be in that situation. It makes it uncomfortable for both parties involved. If you’re getting neutral responses then definitely don’t move forward, that’s not a good sign that your partner will be into sexting.

4. Am I too Drunk to Function?

Obviously, it’s never a good plan to drunkenly send nudes to anyone because you never know who you might accidently send it to. “David” and “dad” are pretty damn close on that contact list. Also drunk dialing or messaging someone is embarrassing and sloppy, you can’t take back what you’ve said. Thanks to the instant deletion of messages on SnapChat you may not remember what it was and have no way to find out.

5. Am I too High to be Doing this Shit?

See #4.

6. Don’t Play Games, are you Willing to Actually do What you just Suggested?

Sometimes you’re inspired by the latest sex trends, or maybe that porn you just watched for free got your creative juices flowing, who knows? But don’t get carried away kiddo, make sure you’re actually willing to do the crazy antics you just suggested to your significant other. Don’t talk the talk if you’re not going to walk the walk, my friend.

Level 1:

Level one of sexting is verbal, get those creative juices flowing so you can enlighten your inner adult film director. Start with some light banter to feel out the situation, understand the context of the current situation and react appropriately to your significant other’s responses. Remember, starting too early in a relationship can scare off a person and you need that light banter in the beginning to figure out if sexting is something your partner will reciprocate. It can come off creepy or desperate to the other person if they’re not into it.

If the fun flirtations get a positive response ease that sucker in my friend! You don’t want to get too crazy from the start, like I mentioned, start light and feel out the situation before going in deep.

Remember not to get too carried away, you don’t want to suggest things you’re not willing to do. Always be creative, there’s more than one way to say “you turn me on.”

Level 2:

If you’ve moved on to texting pictures and sending SnapChat videos you are in the fast lane kiddo. For videos and pictures a safety precaution is to be sure your face is not in the image for safety. There is always a risk of people forwarding your visuals to numerous others via text or posting it on the internet.

Even if you trust the person, you never know when or if they can turn on you. Also, don’t forget the off chance that someone else can get to those visuals on your partner’s phone, so even if your partner is not the one to post these images anywhere, there is a possibility someone else might. Ladies, just a rule of thumb, if he’s sending you hourly penis snaps and it’s only been 3 days, it’s likely he’s got no problem making your privates public. Be careful!

Also there is no way for you to be sure that those nudes are actually them, don’t get catfish-ed peeps!

It’s probably safer to start texting after you’ve met the person and confirmed their existence. Happy sexting, ya’ll!