Tarnjit Dosanjh is no stranger to Lohri and other festivals. In fact, she cherished the many cultural celebrations she grew up with so much so that she made it her business to celebrate, quite literally.

Dosanjh created her shop, KUSHIYA, which brings a modern twist on party supplies for everything from Diwali, Christmas, and Lohri to shaadis and birthdays.

The displays of bunting flags and photo booth props are not customs one would typically find at Lohri but Dosanjh has somehow managed to imbue these party supplies with so much cultural relevance that we’re pretty confident you’ll always want to include these decorations and supplies as a fresh and modern way to celebrate.

We got to catch up the merry-maker and get a glimpse into what inspired her to make party supplies for Lorhi, in particular. Read what Dosanjh has to say about her own Lohri memories and then instantly download your very own Lohri photo props and party supplies!

“Whilst of Punjabi background, I was born and raised in the UK, and as like many other parents of the same generation, my mum and dad have always continued traditions that originated from their home back in India. As just one of the occasions, Lohri is celebrated in my family and community every year. While it’s difficult to celebrate this occasion to the full extent as it is in India, from what I can see efforts are made to keep some traditions of the festivities going. For example, my Mum will always make saag in time for Lohri and serve it with makki ki roti. Receiving a big bag of monkey nuts accompanied with some rewari sweets, along with other traditional delights has always been a must.

However, some years call for extra celebration! I remember a small family gathering in festivity of my husband and my first Lohri as newlyweds 16 years ago. And then again for each of my two children for their first Lohri. All three parties over the years were small gatherings that took place at our family home.

Nowadays, for many families, Lohri is celebrated at a much larger scale. Venues are booked and larger numbers of friends and family are all invited to come together to have fun and perform some of the traditional customs involved. As with any party, this is usually the perfect time to take some memorable photographs, so why not make these pictures even more memorable by including a set Lohri Photo Props!

Photo Props are definitely very popular right now, and I was particularly motivated to create a set specifically for Lohri that highlights some of the key elements of the occasion. They allow adding fun and uniqueness to pictures whilst keeping them in the theme of the party for both kids and adults of all ages. As well as these props, I have also designed and created ‘Happy Lohri’ bunting and Lohri gift/ favour tags, which are available in the colors blue, orange, pink or violet. All these are available to purchase from my shop as downloadable files, which can then be printed either at home or a local print shop. Once printed, the designs allow for easy cutting and straightforward assembly.”

Happy Lohri Banner

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2. Lohri Party Booth Photo Props

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3. Lohri Favour Tags

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