Neha Kapil is a one-woman creative genius who is a visual artist, fashion designer, and beauty vlogger. But really, she’s beyond those labels in how she approaches desi pop culture in particular. She’s unmatched in her refreshing quirkiness in a sea of cookie-cutter bloggers.

She’s so inspirational in fact that after going through her feed, I legit starting eyeing vada as a beauty blender and achaar as a contour. Spoiler alert: neither work in their beauty avatars but that’s Kapil’s contagious creativity. She has me thinking of the ordinary as something extraordinary.

Her food make-overs are by far my favorite. As an avid fan of her work and a foodie, I can’t wait to see what she comes up in the future. Perhaps using idli as two buns a la Princess Lea or statement jewelry made out of peda? I’ll leave the ideation to the expert, aka Kapil. In the meantime, check out what food and drink she has already taken on as accessories.

5Recycled Rani


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