There are so many ways of expressing your love to your Valentine. But nothing says true love like desi food puns. Here are 10 ways to express all the feels.

1When you want to show someone how tea-rific you think they are

2When you know you’d have a spicy romance with potential Bae

3When you’re about that #MasalaLife, particularly in the bedroom

4When you want your daaling to know what he/she brings to your life

5When you chose your words kheer-fully, making sure Bae knows the depth of your feelings

6When you want to give props to yourself for having done something right your last life

7When you want to show your self-confidence, hoping your romance will lead to matar-imony

8When you love Bae, and s/he knows it, but you reiterate it naantheless

9When you want to remind Bae nice guys finish last, but rice guys always come out on top (ha!)

10When you’re out-raita-ly telling Bae how impatient your love is


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