Canadian music producer UpsideDown just released his first solo single, “Got it All” featuring singer-songwriter The PropehC and actress Sunny Leone. After producing hits for numerous urban desi talents, UpsideDown is venturing out on his own to expose the full potential of his creativity.

UpsideDown has a talent for creating addictive tracks that have you humming along instantly as evidenced by his previous hit singles like Mickey Singh’s “Phone,” Jasmin Walia’s “Temple,” and Amar Sandhu and Pranna’s “Tonight” and “Rooftop Party.”

UpsideDown actually began his career with the desire to express his creativity through design and animation. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and specialized in product design. Holding down a corporate job in technology, he still dabbled in music working on underground hip-hop and R&B projects in Toronto. After a few years working in tech, he left the successful career to pursue his dreams of producing music full time in Los Angeles, CA where he burst onto the Urban Asian music scene with the hit “Rooftop Party.”

We had the chance to chat with UpsideDown about his new track, “Got it All” and working with both the PropheC and Sunny Leone. Check out what he had to tell us:

The Teal Mango: As your first solo single, how was this different from your previous work?

UpsideDown: I think every project that I have done so far has been an amazing experience, however, this song has to be one of my favorites. I have mostly been behind the scenes for my previous releases but I believe Producers are just as much as the “artist” as the singer. It felt right to release this as my first solo single. This practice is not uncommon in American music and we are doing just the same for our industry. I also think that when you have the creative freedom to be able to whatever you want to with the song, it really helps because it gives the artists the freedom to create something they have never done before, to push the limits and make something that will hopefully touch peoples heart the way it did for us.

TTM: What inspired this single?

UpsideDown: I have always admired The PropheC’s work and am a big fan of his style of music. Having said that, I also always envisioned his voice on a vibe that is different from his. All I can say that he’s a very versatile singer and makes vocals seem effortlessly fresh on this track.

TTM: How involved were you in writing the song lyrics?

UpsideDown: The PropheC is a really strong songwriter as well and created most of the magic with the lyrics. In the beginning, it was just a few lines mixed with a melody. Think of it as a 3-tiered cake. Each layer adds its own charm and flavor and that’s exactly what happened with Got it all. We knew when we got together to work on this project, we wanted to create something that had not been done before. The reason why I think people are appreciating the song is that we’re giving them something different. We’re taking these amazing lyrics and combining them with international beats while still incorporating our culture.

TTM: What was it like working with PropheC for the first time?

UpsideDown: We have worked together in the past on smaller projects but this was the first time that the vibe just felt right to actually go ahead and create a whole product from it. The PropheC is one of the most talented singer-songwriters North America has seen in that last few years, and we had a lot of fun creating Got It All. He’s a great guy and in the process of making this song, he has become a close friend.

TTM: How did you come up with the concept of the music video?

UpsideDown: Honestly, we had a few concepts in mind that we wanted to use. Our main goal, however, was to try out new ideas that were fun and fresh. We wanted it to have a story that is aligned with the song but also be modern and not so clichéd. We combined a few ideas that each of us had and the concept came together nicely. Teamwork was key in this.

TTM: How did you approach Sunny Leone to be a part of the project?

UpsideDown: It was all about the right timing. Urban Asian has worked with Sunny in the past and once we found out she was visiting Los Angeles, we thought it could be a great collaboration again. We pitched her the concept which I think she really liked and the rest, as they say, is history.

TTM: What was it like working with Leone?

UpsideDown: Working with Sunny was absolutely amazing. Not only is she very professional but she is so down to earth and humble. She is the focal point in the music video and I think that she went above and beyond of what the story-line required.

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