If you hadn’t heard by now, Mindy Kaling gave birth to a baby girl! She was born on December 15th and has been named Katherine Kaling.

Kaling chose to give her daughter her last name. Howso? Let’s break it down with a fun fact. Did you know that a few states in the south of India follow a matriarchal society? Children in these societies use their mother’s middle and last names as a part of their names. So what did feminist firecracker Kaling do as a nod to both tradition and badassery? She gave her baby girl her name. Some are hailing it as the perfect way to stand up to patriarchy in 2017.

Now that Katherine is born, here is a review of the actual pregnancy and other cool facts to know:

  • Oprah was the one to confirm Kaling’s pregnancy. She let the world know that Mindy was indeed 5 months along and Kaling was totally fine with it. I mean who wouldn’t be excited that Oprah announced the birth of your child?
  • The pregnancy was an unexpected surprise. Kaling wasn’t dating at the time of the pregnancy and no one, including close friends, know who the father is.
  • The entire last season of The Mindy Kaling Project was filmed while Mindy was pregnant and it was never revealed in the show. Salvador Perez, the show’s costumer, worked with the actress to design clothes that would hide the growing baby bump.

The Teal Mango wishes mother Mindy and baby Katherine all the best!


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