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Arjun Kapoor’s mischevious smile and witty remarks have won over fans all over the world. He doesn’t just have great acting chops and a killer smile—he’s got quite the fashion sense. Obviously, the “Gunday” actor isn’t as fashionable as his gorgeous cousin Sonam Kapoor, the fashion icon of Bollywood, but he has his own flair.

Kapoor is always wearing funky T-shirts with a blazer or jacket—his go-to look. Over the years, the young actor has rocked some hilarious shirts so to celebrate his birthday this year, let’s switch things up a bit. Instead of looking back at Kapoor’s top songs or films, let us take a look at some of the funniest shirts that he has rocked.

Check out some of my favorite looks from this rock star, in no particular order of course.

1. Siracha: Put it on Everything!

Arjun Kapoor was on the cover of Good Housekeeping’s April 2016 issue. The actor rocked a T-shirt proclaiming his love for Siracha sauce. The shirt said, “In cock we trust” referring to the Siracha logo and “Put it on Everything.”


The magazine cover was a unique marketing tactic for Kapoor’s film “Ki and Ka” where he plays a house husband while Kareena Kapoor Khan plays a fiercely independent and successful working wife.

2. Jhakaas!

We all know how much Kapoor loves his uncle, Anil Kapoor. The young actor doesn’t just share a loving relationship with his uncle but respects and idolizes him as an actor. Check out Kapoor’s adorable shirt with the catch phrase made popular by the senior Kapoor, “Jhakaas!” What a cute tribute to his beloved Anil Chachu!

3. So Much Sanskaar

At the press conference for the 2015 IIFA Awards, Kapoor rocked this hilarious T-shirt with a blazer—his usual outfit. His shirt said “Aaj Kuch Sanskaari Karte Hai.” Kapoor is definitely using fashion to express himself wisely.

When ur clothes do the talking…Literally !!! #word

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4. No F’s Given

Another “Ki and Ka” promotional outfit to take a look at is this Tee-shirt Kapoor wore for a photo shoot with his co-star, Kareena Kapoor Khan. The couple looks adorable casually hanging out in the kitchen. Take a peek at Kapoor’s top, it says, “To Do List: 1. Not to give a F#@! 2. That is ALL”

One of my fav pics from the @filmfare shoot… #kiandka #streelingpullingsamething

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5. Selfie

Kapoor was the host of this past season of “Khatron ki Khiladi” on television. It was his first stint on the small screen and—as expected—fans loved the witty young star. Kapoor’s fashion choices remained unscathed on the show, he still hit the sets rocking his hilarious shirts. Check out this “I love my Selfie” shirt!

#ilovemyselfie I think the tee is apt for me !!! #khatronkekhiladi throwback

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6. Inspiration

It’s not always fun and games with Kapoor, he does get serious at times and even tries to inspire his fans once in a while. Check out this top where he reminds his fans to stay unique, to “think outside the box.”


7. Awaara

Kapoor believes fashion is how you define your identity, he says clothes “speak the truth.” I guess we now know what the real Arjun Kapoor is like, no?

Ur clothes speak the truth…’Awara hoon yahaan gardish mein hoon aasman ka Tara hoon’ #teeshirtoftheday

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8. Steve Jobs?

Kapoor has made some bold film choices and it looks like his fashion choice reflects the same. Kapoor rocked this unique shirt during a special screening of his film “Finding Fanny” co-starring Deepika Padukone. Kapoor’s shirt features the legendary Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. However, the signature picture featured on the cover of Jobs’ biography has been altered so that Jobs is wearing a red woolen monkey cap!

[Arjun Kapoor at the special screening of the movie Finding Fanny in Mumbai.(Photo by Milind Shelte/India Today Group/Getty Images]

Kapoor looks sizzling whether he’s wearing a perfectly fitted suit or a whacky T-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. His smile is so endearing that no matter what Arjun is wearing—or not wearing…

Belated Happy Gunday day people @ranveersingh @priyankachopra Feb2013 Kolkatta outdoor

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