Lakshmi Gandhi

An Oregon nonprofit is looking for translators.

How Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Assamese Speakers can Help

A nonprofit in Oregon needs Hindi and Punjabi translators to help them communicate with a group of would-be asylum seekers currently in detention. Filmmaker and activist Valarie Kaur shared a call to action from the...
Chess grandmaster Soumya Swaminathan

Here’s why This Indian Grandmaster is Skipping a Tournament in Iran

When the Asian Team Chess Competition begins in Iran next month, Soumya Swaminathan will not be among the competitors. The 29-year-old grandmaster announced recently that she would not be participating due to the requirement...
A scene from the new Indo-Canadian film 'Venus.'

The new Comedy ‘Venus’ Explores the Life of a Transitioning Indo-Canadian Woman

Sid Gill, the main character of Eisha Marjara’s new film “Venus,” already has quite a bit on her plate when viewers meet her on screen. She is struggling with coming out as trans to...
Chef Atul Kochhar is now out of a job.

Michelin-Starred Chef Atul Kochhar Loses job After Islamophobic Tweet

A noted chef on the Dubai food scene is out of a job after tweeting out anti-Islamic statements. Until a few days ago, Atul Kochhar was the Michelin-starred chef who ran Rang Mahal, an award-winning...
Shaheen Bhatt wants to have a conversation about mental health.

Shaheen Bhatt is Speaking out About her Long Battle With Depression

Shaheen Bhatt knows that last week was a difficult one for many as fans processed the suicides of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. That’s why she decided to write about her own experiences...
One of the portraits by Sarah K. Khan being displayed at NYC.

This new Exhibit Spotlights the People who Make India’s Food

In recent years artist Sarah K. Khan has become known for her portraits of both India’s women farmers and the men who work as spice porters on the subcontinent. Her work is now being...
The film 'Love, Simon' is unlikely to open in India.

Moviegoers in India Won’t be Able to Watch ‘Love, Simon’ Anytime Soon

Indian fans of teen comedies were startled when it was revealed that “Love, Simon” — the new film based on the bestselling novel about a gay American teen — would not be opening as...
Padma Lakshmi opens up about her childhood in new essay.

Padma Lakshmi Opens up About Being Separated From her Mother as a Child

Television host and model Padma Lakshmi shares what it was like being a toddler separated by thousands of miles from her mother in a moving new essay. Lakshmi’s mother Vijaya moved to the United States...

4 Novels by Muslim South Asians You Should Check Out This Eid

As Muslims around the world gather to celebrate Eid later this week, we thought it would be the perfect time to read some of interesting poems, stories, and novels members of the South Asian...
This new video shares the stories of the LGBTQ community.

Members of India’s LGBT Community Speak out in new Viral Video

In a powerful new video, several LGBT Indians speak out about about the hateful and homophobic comments they face while using social media. Produced by the creators of the LGBT-focused app Delta, the #StrongestTogether video...