5 Asanas Every Yoga Newbie Needs to Know

September 15, 2017 Editorial     TheTealMango

You’ve all heard of the benefits yoga from friends, co-workers, family members, scientific articles, even Facebook ads. With its benefits constantly being thrown in your face, maybe you want to give it a chance but you just don’t have the time.

I think it’s time to stop lying to yourself about checking out a session at the local yoga studio. Don’t even think about purchasing that Groupon deal for a hot yoga class that you’re never going to actually make it to.

So, keeping that in mind, we came up with a list of five basic yoga poses  for you newbies to get you started. Spend up to 15-minutes a day trying out these poses, and sooner or later, you just might have enough motivation to try out a class for yourself. It’s also a simple work out to squeeze into your busy schedule that not only helps you strengthen your body but also clear your mind and rejuvenate yourself.

Child’s Pose 

Begin by kneeling on your mat. Bring your torso down until it is resting on your thighs and stretch your arms out in front of you about shoulder width apart. Let your forehead touch your mat. This pose focuses on stretching the lower back and relaxing the spine and helps to relieve stress.

Cat-Cow Pose

For this pose, start by kneeling on your mat, knees and hip distance apart. Put your palms on the mat in front of you and bring yourself into tabletop position with your back perfectly flat. For the cat part of this pose, round your spine and let your head drop down and let your gaze rest on your thighs. For cow pose, arch your back and drop your belly. Bring your head up, letting your gaze rest on the ceiling.

Downward Dog Pose

Start by kneeling on your mat with your knees directly below your hips. Let your palms touch the mat directly under your shoulders and spread your fingers apart. Curl your toes under your feet and push back, lifting your hips into the air towards the ceiling. Press your heels towards the floor as far down as your body allows you to. Your body should be in the shape of an inverted “v.”

Bridge Pose

Start by laying down with your back flat against the mat and knees bent. Keep feet close to your sitting bones and your arms extended out, palms facing down. Lift your buttocks up towards the ceiling until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Roll your shoulders back and lift your chin away from your chest. Clasp your hands under you and press your forearms into the mat. Hold this position for one minute and then release your arms back out from under you and slowly roll your spine back onto the mat.

Tree Pose

Stand with your feet parallel and hip distance apart. Extend your arms directly above your head. Shift your weight to your left leg and plant inner foot into ground. Bring your right leg out in front of you and bend your right knee. Use your right hand to grab your right ankle. Place the sole of your right foot on your left inner thigh, slightly above the knee, toes pointing towards the floor. Your right knee should be pointing outward. If this is too difficult, you can modify this pose by placing your right foot on your calf or ankle. You can leave your arms above your head or bring them to your heart’s center with palms pressed together. Try to maintain this position for a minute.

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